Child Protection Guidance 2021

National Guidance for Child Protection in Scotland 2021 6 Version 1.0 September 2021 Structure and content: what has changed? 17. The 2021 Guidance builds on the four-part structure of the 2014 Guidance although Part 2B is new. All sections are revised and supplemented. Children’s rights and human rights underpin the whole. Part 1: The context for child protection – including a focus on support to prevent harm Part 2A: Roles and responsibilities for child protection – single-agency and collaborative responsibilities Part 2B: Approach to multi-agency assessment in child protection – inter-agency principles Part 3: Identifying and responding to concerns about children – consistent expectations in protective processes Part 4: Specific support needs and concerns – intersecting considerations Appendices, including references and sources, and a list of legislation – signposts to resources and research Appendix: Introduction – Resources and References Introduction