Child Protection Guidance 2021

Part 3: Identifying and responding to concerns about children 128 National Guidance for Child Protection in Scotland 2021 Version 1.0 September 2021 General principles 3.196 General principles that underpin the consideration and conduct of investigative activities in relation to children who may be harmed and those who may cause harm to others may be summarised as below. Rights. The child’s present feelings, views and future rights are respected and protected at every stage. Safety. Processes are both careful and robust, promoting the safety of those involved by discovering the truth within the most harmful circumstances. Wellbeing. The wellbeing of the child is the lens through which all decisions and actions are taken. Preparation. Processes include early discussion between the lead agencies, co‑ordination and partnership with those responsible for the child’s care. Understanding. Each stage and any change or decision is explained in a way that makes sense to each child and those responsible for their safe care, taking into account culture, capacity, age and stage. Support. Support is provided for children and families involved in these processes. Skill. Professionals involved are afforded the training and supervision that ensures a co‑ordinated, and child-centred process. Pace. Preparation and pace of exploration is patient and attuned to the impact of trauma upon the needs and feelings of each child. Place. Investigative processes are conducted in an environment which is child-friendly and amenable to those attending for the child’s support. Improvement. Processes are evaluated and improved to ensure adherence to standards. Future developments 3.197 The Scottish Government is developing a framework for a child-centred Barnahus approach which delivers trauma-informed support, justice and recovery for children who have experienced trauma. Scotland-specific standards for Barnahus, based on the European PROMISE Quality Standards, are being developed and adapted for Scottish legal, healthcare, child protection and criminal justice systems.