Child Protection Guidance 2021

Version 1.0 September 2021 Contents iii National Guidance for Child Protection in Scotland 2021 Scottish Prison Service 65 Scottish Fire and Rescue Service (SFRS) 65 Faith organisations 65 The defence community 66 Culture and leisure services 66 Sport organisations and clubs 66 Wider Planning Links 67 Public protection 68 MAPPA 70 Community Justice Partnerships 70 Violence Against Women Partnerships 71 Alcohol and Drug Partnerships 71 For all services and practitioners 72 Part 2B: Approach to Multi-Agency Assessment in Child Protection 73 Introduction 74 Using GIRFEC components in assessment 75 Strength-based approaches 78 Contextual safeguarding 79 Capacity to change 80 A learning culture in child protection 81 Part 3: Identifying and Responding to Concerns about Children 86 Relationship with previous sections 87 Initiating child protection procedures 88 Professional judgement about risk of significant harm 89 Practice points relevant at any time 90 Inter-agency referral discussions (IRD) 91 Joint Investigative Interviews (JII) 96 Health assessment and medical examination 99 Emergency legal measures to protect children at risk of significant harm 103 Interim Safety Plan 108 Involving children and families in child protection processes 109 Learning from adapted practice during the COVID-19 pandemic 111 Child protection assessment and planning 112 Child Protection Planning Meetings 116 Assessment and planning: prompts to reflection 122 Chronologies 123 Child giving evidence in criminal and civil proceedings 125