Child Protection Guidance 2021

Part 2A: Roles and responsibilities for child protection 72 National Guidance for Child Protection in Scotland 2021 Version 1.0 September 2021 For all services and practitioners 2.216 This section of the Guidance has described some of the structures and responsibilities within the landscape of child protection. Inevitably, services have a focus upon risk of harm. The drive to achieve consistent operating procedures may imply linear steps in child protection. However, there are usually uncertainties and options, requiring partnership, teamwork and professional judgement at every stage. A shared ethos for all practitioners will acknowledge that child protection involves listening and consideration of: • the child’s experience and needs, in context • the wellbeing of the family as a whole • additional risks and barriers for some individuals and groups • the need for co‑ordination in assessment and practical action • the opportunities to build on strengths in children, families and communities 2.217 The next section considers common elements in multi-agency child protection processes assessment.