Child Protection Guidance 2021

130 Part 3: Identifying and responding to concerns about children Child Protection Process IRD process. The start of the formal process of information sharing assessment, analysis and decision-making following reported concern. If likelihood of significant harm, initial plans are made eg about: investigation; JII; health assessment; needs of this child and others involved in this context; and any immediate protective action.* Following initial investigation indicating probability of serious harmful behaviour: Child is believed to be under 12 years old? Age of Criminal Responsibility (Scotland) Act Guidance applies Child is believed to be 12 years old or more? Care and Risk Management Guidance applies Concerns about neglect or abuse of a child believed to be involved in serious harmful behaviour, child protection investigation will be necessary. Investigative processes and multi-agency assessment necessary for care and protection of all children involved must be planned and co-ordinated. Assessment and support, which is co-ordinated when a multi-agency plan is required. Re-referral to police or social work can occur if risk assessment changes. *interim safety plan applied when needed Wellbeing concern Child protection investigation. A multi-agency assess- ment, co-ordinated by a lead professional, is required when IRD decides there is risk of significant harm. (If not, assessment and support may still be offered.) Child Protection Planning Meeting (if multi-agency Child Protection Plan is required to prevent significant harm). Consideration of adding child’s name to child protection register, and referral to Reporter. Child Protection Core Group identified. Child Protection Core Group Meetings work with child and family to implement plan. Child Protection Planning Meeting reviews Child Protection Plan and Registration. Consideration of inter-agency referral discussion (IRD). If there is likelihood of significant harm IRD Process will commence. (Emergency protective action considered if risk is immediate.) Police discuss with social work and other services as appropriate in consideration of immediate investigative and protective steps for this child and/or others. Notification of nature and location of concern to police or social work (referral to police if risk of harm is immediate). Referral to police for initial enquiries and consideration of emergency protective action if risk of serious harm is immediate. Concern about harm or risk of harm to a child, or children, from abuse or neglect (familial and non-familial). Concern about serious harm or risk of serious harm caused by a child’s behaviour. Multi-agency risk assessment and planning Consideration of referral to Reporter Consideration of early and effective intervention/ assessment and support for wellbeing when risk of serious harmful behaviour is not probable l Investigative principles apply at every step l Information sharing principles apply at every step l Referral to Reporter may occur at any stage l Timescales for key steps in assessment and planning apply l Professionals must consider the understanding, experience and engagement of child and family/ significant others at every step l Assessment of risks and strengths is dynamic. Steps may need to be revisited. Version 1.0 September 2021 National Guidance for Child Protection in Scotland 2021