Child Protection Guidance 2021

Part 4: Specific support needs and concerns 131 National Guidance for Child Protection in Scotland 2021 Version 1.0 September 2021 Part 4: Specific Support Needs and Concerns Introduction Poverty When services find it hard to engage Child sexual abuse Child sexual exploitation Internet-enabled sexual offending Harmful sexual behaviour by children Online safety Under-age sexual activity Bullying Hate crime Serious harmful behaviour by children Risk of terrorism Disabled children Parents with learning disabilities Impact of mental health or health problems on children Children and young people experiencing mental health problems Suicide and self-harm Pre-birth assessment and support Looked after children Reunification Repeat removal Complex investigations Female genital mutilation Honour-based abuse and forced marriage Fabricated or induced illness Sudden unexpected death Neglect and emotional abuse Domestic abuse Parental alcohol and drugs use Physical abuse, equal protection and restraint Severe obesity Children missing Separated/unaccompanied children Trafficking and child criminal exploitation Child protection in transitional phases Community Cultural and faith communities Defence community Child protection in emergencies Non-recent abuse Child protection themes Link to Appendix with References and Sources of Help for Specific Support Needs and Concerns